NEW Declined Transactions Re-Processing Accounts

IMPORTANT!! NEW “Decline Only” Processing Accounts

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If you’re processing with a payment provider using accounts in China, or some other faraway place, and these accounts are giving you terrible approval rates GDI has a solution. The problem with accounts like this is that because they involve cross-border transactions they are subject to very punishing restrictions by the banks themselves. Because of these restrictions these account can have you loosing 30%-40% of your sales every day.

WE HAVE A SOLUTION! Contact us and ask about our Decline Only Processing Account.

At GDI we are so confident that you will see near 100% approvals, that we will provide you an account to send us your DECLINED TRANSACTION  to be processed through our system immediately after they have been declined by your current processor. This can be a real-time process and the card holder will not be aware of the second attempt at the charge. Once the trasaction is approved from our system an email is sent to the card holder outlining the descriptor that they will see on their credit card statement.

This account has no upfront setup fees but does require a commitment on the merchants part taken from processing, to pay for the compliance confirmations and account activations.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

GDI Merchant Application

You can get started by downloading the GDI General Merchant Application (select button) and completing it offline.

Or, complete the application now by selecting the button below.  The application will reveal itself, and you will be required to upload your Identification and Corporate Documents to complete the application. You should retrieve this information now before you start this application process.

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